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Live Your Life Like You Mean It

Posted April 15, 2013 by Alicia Haynes

Oscar Wilde said these words, "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." It is very sad, and so true, because we see it happening every day. People just move through their lives, and they allow others to make the most important decisions that affect their whole life. It is heartbreaking really. We all have dreams that we have always wanted to reach for, but we let situations, circumstances and other people decide for us, whether or not we'll take the chance at our own happiness. Usually, it never happens. We never actually live our own lives. Sure, we move through life working, eating, taking care of our families, but we push down our deepest wants and desires!

Today's world is designed so that it pushes us down, we are trapped by anxieties of life, terror and fear of the unknown. Our financial life is unstable, the economic situation of the world is in havoc. The interconnected relationships between our friends and family members can be frustrating and stressful. We have to deal with so much, every single day, that it is easier to merely exist. However, when you live your life like this, allowing everything and everyone except yourself decide your decisions for you will never make you happy.

You can do this very simply. Make sure that you take the time to actually meditate in the important things in your life. Think about what you have and what you want and make the decision to keep these things in your life no matter what. It could be, that you have always wanted to be a writer. You have written little snippets throughout the years in your life, but you have never actually taken the time to sit down and write every day. Maybe that is the what you need to do, to be truly happy, so take a few minutes out of every day and write. It can be the most exhilarating moments in your life, but you will never know this, unless you buy out the time!

People will tell you that your "little hobbies" do not matter and that you should never waste your time on something that is not going to make your money or help you in some financial way. Do not let them persuade you to walk away from your dreams. There have been too many times that a person was told not to climb that mountain, or to stop painting. If they had halted in the hard trek to complete their dreams, then they would never have been the first to climb the highest mountain or the leader on a new movement of literature or style of painting.

You can live your life like you mean it, by actually making sure that you are spending your life doing the things that are important to you. You cannot merely allow the situations and circumstances that you are in rule your life, instead you need to really grab hold of your dreams and never let them go!
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